Low Backup Size


A 'Low Backup Size' warning displays as a warning for a device. 

How to identify the problem

Under the Protection Tab, using the Protected with Warning filter displays entries for Low Backup Size. 


What caused this problem?

The 'Low Backup Size' is a warning implemented to indicate a backup size below 50MB. 

How do I resolve this problem?

This warning does not indicate a problem. It's a warning to serve as notification to the administrator that the current policy in place, might not be targeting the correct folders for the specific user. 

As example, while Documents might be targeted in the policy, the user might be saving data in a different location on the drive.

Investigate the policy used for the user, and confirm if the user's files are located in those locations.

Check if the problem has been fixed

The Low Backup Size will disappear as soon as the backup size exceeds 50MB.