Restore Successful - 0 files restored


The Endpoint Cloud Agent reports a successful restore, but 0 files/0 bytes have been restored.


How to identify the problem

Verify if the same drive letter(s) exist on the target machine.  In this scenario, a restore attempt was made from a previous G: drive partition to the C: drive partition on a new machine. 

If you have a look through the Cibecs Agent log, you will find the following entry:

 Root node "G:\" does not exist and will be ignored along with any selected files under the specified node.

Log phrase to look for: drive:\ "does not exist"

Find the log here:  %appdata%\Cibecs\Agent\logs\agent.log

What caused this problem?

The Agent checks to see if the original drive letter exists on the restore target, even if the restore is being redirected to a different drive entirely.

How do I resolve this problem?

It is a documented bug in the current release (v2.12) of the Endpoint Cloud Agent and will be rectified in a future release.  In the interim, the following workaround can be used successfully:

On the target machine, simply create a drive with the same drive letter allocation that existed on the original machine.  This drive letter can be in the form of a USB thumb drive, hard drive partition, or a mapped network drive.

Check if the problem has been fixed

If the workaround has been implemented successfully, your Restore will start as expected and show the progress window summary with the size and file number as selected in the Restore window:


You may remove the temporary drive as soon as the Restore has been kicked off successfully (or keep it in place until the restore has been completed).