Backup failing - Index metadata not found


The Cibecs Agent has an index that it makes use of to keep track of files on the file system.  Some agent indexes are in a bad state and may need manual intervention to resolve.

How to identify the problem

Endpoint Cloud will report this as an unexpected error and refer you to the log file for investigation.

If you have a look through the Cibecs Agent log, you will find the following entries:

ERROR 5140 --- [Backup*] mu.cibecs.agent.backup.BackupService : Backup session resulted in an error. Backup metadata not found for ID: ****
it may be accompanied by specific file errors, eg. PST chunking:
ERROR 5140 --- [dedupe-client] m.c.d.s.c.b.chunking.ChunkingService : Failed to chunk file: file.pst
as well as informing that the snapshot was NOT stored:
ERROR 5140 --- [Backup-5] m.c.a.b.d.DedupeBackupSessionAdapter : Error on finalize complete. Backup session was aborted, snapshot will NOT be stored

Log phrase to look for: "Backup metadata not found for ID: ****"

Find the log here:  %appdata%\Cibecs\Agent\logs\agent.log

What caused this problem?

The Cibecs Agent index updates may have been interrupted by a different running process on the device.

How do I resolve this problem?

The index is a local cache and can be cleared by performing the following steps:

- Exit the Cibecs Agent from the system tray icon or stop the running task in Task Manager.


- Delete the agent index files manually.  These files are located under %appdata%\Cibecs\Agent\Database\


- Start the Cibecs Agent again by running it from the Desktop shortcut or the Start Menu.


Check if the problem has been fixed

If you keep an eye on the Database folder, you will notice that the files are automatically recreated.  The next backup results can be viewed from your Endpoint Cloud Protection screen.