How to change the port for vault connections

You may want to change the port for communication between the Private Cloud Vault and the Cibecs agents.

Changing a vault's port is a 2 step process. The below article will go through the steps to change the vault port in the vault configuration file and the front-end.


Configuration File Changes

  • Navigate to the installation directory of the Vault (Default is C:\Program Files\Cibecs\Vault)
  • In the \config directory open the file in a text editor
  • Edit the server.port field with the required port number (Default is 9000) and save the file
    • You may be prompted to save the file in a different location, this can be bypassed by opening the text editor with administrative privileges 


  • For the change to take effect the Cibecs Private Cloud Vault service needs to be restarted

Frontend Changes

  • Logon to your Endpoint Cloud tenant and navigate to the Vaults page
  • On the vault that you would like to change the port, click on the ellipses and select View


  • Change the Port field to the desired port that you would like to use, noting that it must be that same port number that was added in the file
  • You will receive a notification to confirm that the change was successful



  • Confirm that backups are completing successfully after the change
  • Confirm that restores are completing successfully after the change


  • Ensure that there are no firewalls blocking your selected port
    • Third-party internal firewall or proxy
    • Windows built-in firewall on both the vault host and the endpoint
  • Log a support call with the following files included
    • The file
    • The protection agent log file (%appdata%\Cibecs\Agent\Logs\agent.log)
    • The Vault log file (Default is C:\Program Files\Cibecs\Vault\Logs\vault.log)