Enable User Profile Migration

The Migration feature is designed to help you migrate Windows user profile settings from one protected device to another.This type of data includes accessibility settings, mouse and keyboard settings, Favorites, and many other user-specific settings.

For example, let's say you have a laptop that is backed up and protected by Endpoint Cloud. You decide to replace the laptop with a newer, higher specification laptop. By using the Migration feature, you can transfer the Windows user profile settings from the old laptop to the new laptop. This is much quicker and easier than setting up the new laptop from scratch.


You can enable or disable the Migration feature for each Policy.


  1. Display the Policy Editor for the Policy that you want to change (click Policies and then click on the Policy).

    The Policy Editor is displayed automatically when you create a new Policy.

  2. Click the Migration tab.
  3. Use the slider to enable or disable Microsoft Windows User Profiles (green is enabled, gray is disabled). 
  4. Click Save or Save and Close to confirm.

To transfer the Windows User Profile settings from one machine to another, you can make a manual backup of the device that is going to be replaced. Then log on to the new device and perform a Restore and choose which profile settings and data to use. For details see Migrate User Profile Data to a New Device.