Create a Policy

A Policy is a set of rules that define:

  • What data is protected and backed up
  • How often the backups occur
  • Whether any data loss prevention features are used to protect your data should a device be lost or stolen
  • Whether Windows Profile settings information is backed up.

You can create as many Policies as you need. You might have one Policy for everyone or you could have different Policies for each team.

To create a new Policy:

  1. Click Policies.


    If you don't have any Policies in your Endpoint Cloud, click Add a Policy.

    If you already have some Policies, click Create Policy.

    Endpoint Cloud creates a new Policy and opens it, ready for you to define its settings.


  2. Give the Policy a name. Click on the edit icon next to the default name and then enter the new name.


Your new Policy has default settings in place, and many Endpoint Cloud administrators find that these settings are suitable for their needs. If you have different requirements, you can change the settings in the following sections:

  • Protected Data: Use to define what data is encrypted and backed up.
  • Backup and Restore: Use to choose how often backups take place.
  • DLP: Use to choose the data loss prevention measures for the policy.
  • Migration: Use to choose whether settings related to Windows user profiles are backed up.

To learn more about these settings, see the Policy Editor Page.