Policies Page

The Policies page provides access to the Policies in your Endpoint Cloud. You can use it to:

Click Policies to display the Policies page.



To learn how to associate a Policy with a Team, see Assign a Policy to a Team.


List of Policies

When you display the Policies page, it presents you with a list of the Policies that are currently in your Endpoint Cloud.

The name of the Policy is shown on the left and there are a series of icons.



Icon Description

Number of Teams that use the Policy.


Number of user accounts associated with the Policy.


Number of devices associated with the Policy.


The status of the Encryption feature (green = local encryption is on, gray = local encryption is off)


The status of the Auto-Revoke feature (green = on, gray = off)


The status of the Geolocation feature (green = on, gray = off).


On the right side of the row, there is a context menu ( ... ). If you click it, you can choose to view the policy or delete it.


View or Edit a Policy

To view or edit a policy, click on the Policy name or use the View option in the context menu.


When you view or edit a Policy, its details are shown on the Policy Editor Page.