What do you need before starting a trial?

You can immediately start to discover devices once you have registered as an administrator on your Endpoint Cloud tenant. See Discover your devices

In order to start protecting user devices you will need:

  • Discover your devices and find out how much business data is at risk
  • Protect your business data by backing up and encrypting user files
  • Find and protect lost or stolen devices.

To use Endpoint Cloud to perform these actions, you need to have certain prerequisites in place (details below). Your server, devices and network must also meet the system requirements.

Requirements for discovering devices

With the Free/Trial/Commercial licenses, you can use Endpoint Cloud to discover your devices. You'll then be able to see how much of your business data is at risk.

To start a device discovery you'll need:

  • Users with Windows computers
  • Tenant discovery agent installation package
  • Users with Internet connectivity to on port 443 to *.endpointcloud.com (not blocked by firewall or proxy)

Requirements for protecting your devices

When Endpoint Cloud has discovered your devices, you can use it to protect your business data by backing it up to the cloud.

To protect your business data, you'll need:

  • On-premise server to use as storage vault and to accommodate the AD connector (according to hardware specs)
  • Administrator with sufficient permissions to install software and to register an SPN record
  • Server internet access for websocket connections on port 443 to *.endpointcloud.com
  • User internet access for websocket connections on port 443 to *.endpointcloud.com
  • User access to on-premise server on port 9000 with sufficient bandwidth for backups.



A Cloud Vault will be provisioned for Full-Cloud Customers, but an on-premise server is required for the AD Connector service installation.

Requirements for DLP

You can use Endpoint Cloud's Data Loss Prevention (DLP) features to locate lost devices, encrypt their data locally, and wipe their data completely.

To use the DLP features during the trial, you'll need: 

  • AD Certificate Services to setup a Certificate Authority which will issue EFS certificates
  • A domain policy with a valid recovery agent
  • To disable the use of self-signed certificates
  • Exportable private keys for certificates