Step 4 - Organizing Devices into Teams

When your devices connect to Endpoint Cloud for the first time, they are "unassigned". This means that they are not in a Team. You can create Teams and use them to organize your devices into meaningful groups.

With Teams, you can:

  • Assign a Policy to control backup and protection settings for a group of devices.
  • Assign a Vault where the Team will backup to.
  • Filter information by a team so that you can view information about devices that are used in the same area of your business, for example, you could have a Team that shows all devices used by marketing.

Let's show you how it works. You will create your own team, assign devices to it, and then view information about the devices for that team.

Create a Team

To create a team:

  1. Click Inventory.
  2. Click Create Team (bottom-left corner of the Inventory screen).
  3. Enter a name for the new Team.
  4. Ignore the Assign a Policy and Assign a Vault settings for now. You will come back to these after you have created a Policy and a Vault.
  5. Click Save Team.


Your new team appears in the Teams section of the Inventory tab.


Repeat steps 2-5 inclusive to create as many new Teams as you need.

Assign a Device to a Team

When you have set up your Teams, you can use them to organize your discovered devices:

  1. Hover the cursor over a device in the device list.
  2. Click on the device's option button ( ... ).
  3. Click Assign Team.
  4. Assign the device to a Team from the list.
  5. Click Assign.


The page will refresh automatically and the device is assigned to your selected Team. You can now use the Inventory to view information about all devices, unassigned devices, or devices in each of your Teams.

View the Devices in a Team

When you have your devices organized into Teams, you can filter the Inventory so that it only shows information about the devices in a particular Team.

  1. Click Inventory.
  2. In the Teams section, click on:
    • All Devices to display information about all devices in all Teams
    • Unassigned to display information only for those devices that are not yet assigned to a Team
    • <Team name> to display information about the devices in a specific Team.  Select multiple devices by holding CTRL and clicking on teams.


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