Step 9 - Activate your Devices

When you have set up your Teams, Vaults, and Policies, you can activate your devices.

When you activate a device, you create a request for that device to be protected and backed up. If the activation request is successful, the device will be protected when the next backup is scheduled (as defined in the Policy settings).

To activate a device:

Click Inventory. Find the device that you want to activate in the devices list.

To activate a single device, you can click its option button ( ... ) and then click Activate. activate-single.gif

To activate multiple devices, select the checkboxes of the devices you want to activate. Then click the Activate icon in the pop-up bar at the bottom.activate-multi-devices.gif

When you activate a device, its status changes from At Risk to Pending. After a short delay (around 10 minutes if this is the first time the device has been activated), the device will perform a backup; if successful, the device status switches to Protected and a green check is shown. pending-to-active.gif

If the device cannot be protected, a red shield icon is shown. You will need to investigate why the activation has failed. It may be because the user was not logged on to the device or there was a connection related problem.



If your your organization is making use of Active Directory for user authentication, you can filter the devices list by Organizational Units (OU). You can then activate the devices that have the same OU value simultaneously if required. This is often quicker than using an unfiltered devices list.

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