Step 2 - Install the Discovery Agent

You can use the free Discovery Agent application to get Endpoint Cloud to detect your user devices automatically.

To set up the Discovery Agent, Download it and then install it on every end user device. Do not install it on your server.

Download the Discovery Agent

You can download the Discovery Agent from your Endpoint Cloud:

  1. Log in as an administrator. When you log in as an administrator for the first time, the Inventory is selected by default. At this stage, Endpoint Cloud has not discovered any devices.
  2. Click Download Discovery Agent. The Discovery Agent MSI package downloads in your browser. The Discovery Agent is specific to your instance of Endpoint Cloud.


Next, you need to install the Discovery Agent.

Install the Discovery Agent on your User Devices

Install the Discovery Agent MSI package on each user device (desktop, laptop, etc). The Discovery Agent will perform a device and data inventory, and will then securely upload the information to  Endpoint Cloud.


You can install the Discovery Agent on an unlimited number of devices. (But you will need Endpoint Cloud licenses to protect and back up the devices).

  • The user devices need to have Internet access as the Discovery Agent needs to connect to Endpoint Cloud.
  • The user devices must use a Windows operating system, Windows 7 or later. A Mac version is coming soon.
  • Firewalls and proxy servers should allow the connections. You may need to whitelist and the full path to your Endpoint Cloud tenant URL. Example: where "silveroaks" is replaced by your organization name.

You can install the Discovery Agent manually or remotely on each device.

Manually installing the Agent

The Discovery Agent can be installed by running the MSI package on each user device.

You may want to move the MSI package into a shared folder that can be accessed by all of the devices. Alternatively, you could put the MSI package on a memory stick and transfer it between devices that way.

Remotely installing the Agent

You can install the MSI package to the devices remotely, by using the Active Directory Group Policy feature or a third party application. For details, please contact Cibecs support (

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