Step 3 - Inventory

When your devices have the Discovery Agent installed, they will report back to your Endpoint Cloud. You will see that the devices appear in the Inventory list and the dashboard is populated with data.


Let's take a look at each of the sections.

  1. Devices Discovered: How many devices have been discovered, how many have been activated for protection and how many are still at risk.
  2. Devices Activated: Useful once we start activating devices. It shows us how many devices are still pending activation and how many have failed.
  3. Data Discovered: The amount of business data discovered. You can view the amount based on the types of Files or based on the Locations of the files. 

There is also a device list that shows all of the devices that have been discovered by the Discovery Agent. There is a brief summary of the device, including the user account for the device and the amount of data discovered. 


You can access more detailed information for each device.

  1. Click on a device in the device list. A slide-in panel appears and it contains a more detailed summary of the device and the user account associated with it. 
  2. Click the profile icon to display the full details of the device. 


  3. Click the back arrow next to the user name at the top of the screen to return to the Inventory.

You may have noticed that on the left side of the Inventory, there is a Teams list. You are going to use that to create new Teams and organize your devices in the next step. 

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