Step 8 - Assign Policies and Vaults to your Teams

You can assign a Policy and a Vault to each of your Teams. These tell Endpoint Cloud what devices should be backed up and protected, how often the backups should be made, and where the data should be stored. 

To assign a Policy and Vault, you need to edit the Team.

  1. Click Inventory.
  2. In the Teams bar, hover over the team that you are going to assign a Vault and/or Policy.
  3. Click on the Team's option button ( ... ).
  4. Click Edit.


  5. Choose a Policy from the list.
  6. Choose a Vault from the list.
  7. Click Save Team.


The team is now associated with the Policy and Vault that you selected. Every device that is assigned to that Team will be backed up and protected according to the details in the selected Policy. The data from the Team's devices will be encrypted and stored in the selected Vault.

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