Teams - Settings Page

You can use the Teams section on the Settings page to view, edit and delete your Teams.

To display the Teams section, click Settings. The Teams section is shown by default (if needed, you can display it by clicking Teams in the sidebar).


For each Team, you can see the:

Field Description
Users The number of users in the Team
Devices The number of devices assigned to the Team

The Policy that is assigned to the Team. 

A Policy is a set of rules that define:

  • What data is protected and backed up
  • How often the backups occur
  • Whether any data loss prevention features are used to protect your data should a device be lost or stolen. These include local EncryptionData Theft Prevention, and Geolocation.
  • Whether Windows user profile data can be backed up for migrating to other devices. 
Vault The Vault that is assigned to the Team. The Vault is a storage area on a server and Endpoint Cloud uses it when backing up the Team's devices.
Data The amount of storage space used to backup data for the Team.

If you hover the cursor on a Team, you can select its context menu (...). From here, you can edit the Team or delete it.


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