Assign a Device to a Team

To use Endpoint Cloud to backup and protect a device, the device must be assigned to a Team. The Team is associated with a Policy and a Vault, and these define:

  • When the devices are backed up
  • What Data Loss Prevention settings are used
  • What Migration settings are used
  • Where the backup data is stored.

The settings of the Team are used by all devices in that Team.

To assign a device to a Team:

  1. Click on Inventory or Protection.
  2. Hover the cursor over a device in the device list.
  3. Click on the device's option button ( ... ).
  4. Click Assign Team.
  5. Assign the device to a Team from the list.
  6. Click Assign.


The page will refresh automatically and after a short pause, the device is assigned to your selected Team. You can now use the Inventory or Protection page to view information about:

  • All devices
  • Unassigned devices
  • Devices in each of your Teams.

To save time, you can assign multiple devices to a Team with a single action. In the devices list, select the checkbox for each device that you want to assign, and then click the Assign Team icon at the bottom of the list. Choose the Team and click Assign.