Create a Team

Endpoint Cloud uses Teams to organize your devices into groups.

Every Team has a:

  • Policy: Defines when the devices in the Team will be backed up and also what Data Loss Prevention and Migration settings the devices will use.
  • Vault: Defines where the backup data for the devices in the Team will be stored.

When you create a Team, you choose a Policy and Vault. You can also edit a Team to change its name or to associate it with a different Policy or Vault.

Create a Team

You can create a new Team and then assign a Policy and Vault to it. When the Team is set up, you can assign your devices to it.

You should create a new Team if:

  • There are no Teams in your Endpoint Cloud
  • The existing Teams do not meet your requirements, for example, they do not use Data Theft Prevention, but you need it for your devices
  • The existing Teams back up to a Vault that is inappropriate for your devices.

To create a Team:

  1. There are three ways to create a Team - from the Inventory page, Protection page, or from the Teams section on the Settings page. So you can either:

    Click Inventory.


    Click Protection.


    Click Settings and use the Teams section.

  2. Click Create Team (bottom-left corner of the Inventory or Protection screen, top-right on the Teams - Settings page).
  3. Enter a name for the new Team.


  4. Use the Assign a Policy combo-box to choose the Policy for the Team. All devices in the Team will use the settings defined in the Policy (schedule for backups, data loss prevention settings, etc.).
  5. Use the Assign a Vault combo-box to choose the storage area that will be used to store the backup data for the devices in the Team.
  6. Click Save Team.

    Your new team appears in the Teams section of the Inventory page and Protection page. It also appears in the list of Teams on the Settings page).


  7. Repeat steps 2-6 inclusive to create as many new Teams as you need.


Creating a Team from the Inventory:


Creating a Team from the Protection page:


Creating a Team from the Settings page: