Step 10 - Backup in Action

When you have activated devices in Endpoint Cloud, their business data is backed up automatically:

  • Approximately 10 minutes after the initial activation or after the agent starts up
  • Regularly, according to the backup schedule (defined in the Policy).

After the initial automatic backup has taken place, you can also back up a device manually. You start the backup from in Endpoint Cloud or by using the Protection Agent locally on the device.

In this step, you're going to learn how to initiate a backup from Endpoint Cloud and then view detailed information about the backup.  

  1. Click Inventory.
  2. In the devices list, click on the device you want to back up. Its details appear in a slide-in panel.
  3. Click the Backup Now icon at the bottom of the slide-in panel.

    You can also access the Backup Now icon from the Protection section and from the full device profile.

    A confirmation message appears at the bottom of the screen to inform you that the backup request was successful. 


    The Protection Agent software (on the user device) uses deduplication to make sure that only unique data is backed up to the vault. The amount of time it takes to back up a device will vary, depending on the amount of data that has to be indexed and backed up.

  4. In the slide-in panel, click the link next to the Last Backup entry to display a summary of the backup.


  5. For more in-depth information about the backup, click View Details. You can then view details of the backup, the device, any files that could not be backed up, and the error logs.


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