Data Loss Prevention - Overview

Endpoint Cloud has many Data Loss Prevention (DLP) features that are designed to protect your business data if one of your devices goes missing or is stolen.


The DLP features allow you to:

  • Enable local file encryption. This encrypts the data on your user devices to ensure that data security and access is controlled. To find out more, see Enable Local Encryption.
  • Have automatic data theft prevention. If a device is disconnected from Endpoint Cloud for a set period of time, the Cibecs Agent will prevent access to the encrypted data on the device. (This only applies when local encryption is enabled) To find out more, see Enable Data Theft Prevention).
  • Use geolocation to find the last known location of the device, based on its wi-fi signal (see Find Devices with Geolocation).
  • Use Endpoint Cloud to securely wipe a device so that its data no longer exists on the device.
  • Use Endpoint Cloud to revoke access to the encrypted data on the online device (only applies when local encryption is enabled). When a device is revoked, its encrypted data is unavailable, but you can unrevoke it if you want to make its data available again.

You can enable or disable the DLP features for each Policy (see Enable Data Loss Prevention Features).

If one of your devices is missing or has been stolen, see If a Device is Lost or Stolen.