Find Devices with Geolocation

You can use Geolocation to find the last known location of a device, as long as:

  • The device has WI-FI enabled
  • The Geolocation feature is enabled on the Policy (used by the device's Team).

To discover the last known location, Endpoint Cloud connects to Google Maps. The location is estimated based on:

  • The coordinates of the last WI-FI access points that your device located
  • The signal strength of your device to the access point.

The location is estimated based on the WI-FI signal, GPS is not needed.

To use Endpoint Cloud's geolocation to find a device:

  1. Click Inventory or Protection.
  2. In the devices list, click on the device you want to locate. Its slide-in panel appears.
  3. Click on the Geolocate icon.


    The last known location is shown on a Google map. You can zoom in, zoom out, and display the satellite view.


    The geolocate icon is also available on the Device profile page (from the Inventory or Protection page, display the device's slide-in panel, then click the view details icon to display the Device profile page.)