Backups and Restore - Overview

Endpoint Cloud backs up your activated devices automatically, at scheduled times. The data is deduplicated and encrypted before transfer and remains encrypted during transfer and when it is stored in the Vault.

What Happens before the Backup occurs?

In order to start the backups for a device you will need to activate the device for protection. During activation the Protection Agent will be downloaded and installed on the device. The Protection Agent will go through an authentication process before indexing and backups can start.

Before the backup starts the agent performs an index of the file system. The index is built once and updated in real time as files are added to, changed on or removed from the file system. The real-time indexing ensures that no time and resource consuming scanning is necessary at the time of the backup.

What Happens During a Backup?

During a backup, the index is referenced for new and changed business data; a VSS snapshot is created and the data is deduplicated to ensure only unique data blocks are encrypted and transferred from the user device to the Vault (storage area on your server).