Automatic Backups

Endpoint Cloud makes automatic backups of the business data on your devices, as long as:

  • The device is activated
  • The device is associated with a Team
  • The Team is associated with a Policy and a Vault.

The Vault defines where the the backup data is stored.

The Policy defines:

  • What business data is backed up
  • When the backups take place. 
  • Which Data Loss Prevention features are enabled.
  • Whether User Profile Settings are backed up for computer migrations.


Your devices are backed up and protected automatically:

  • A short time after they are first activated. This is usually 10 minutes approximately, but can take longer, as the backup can only occur after the Protection Agent has finished indexing.
  • Regularly according to the scheduled intervals that are set in the Policies.
  • Available options: Every 1 Hour | 2 Hours | 4 Hours | 8 Hours

You can also make a backup manually if you wish.