Backup Details and Backup Log

If the Protection page shows that you have unprotected devices or devices that are protected with a warning, you can find out more information in the device's last backup event record. Endpoint Cloud keeps a record of the latest backup attempt for every connected device.


If you are investigating failed backups, we recommend that you display the Protection page. Then filter the devices list so that it only shows Protected with Warning or Unprotected devices. You can then access the backup history for each of the devices in turn. 

To view the backup history and logs of a device:

  1. Click Protection.
  2. In the Devices list, click on a device to display the device details on a slide-in panel.
  3. Click on the View icon in the top corner of the slide-in panel to display the Device profile page.
  4. On the Device page, click the link in the Last Backup entry (on the Details tab).
  5. On the backup summary dialog, click View Details to display the Backup record for the device.
  6. Expand the sections of the Backup record to view the details of the last backup.