What happens if I forget the Security Officer password?

The Security Officer role is the highest-ranking role. Users with this role have access to a wider range of features in Endpoint Cloud than other users, and so you need to take care when assigning this role.

Security Officers are the only users who can:

  • Register the AD connector. This is needed to allow your Endpoint Cloud to protect your devices and data.
  • Allow access to encrypted data, which is needed for restoring a user's data

Your Endpoint Cloud has to have at least two users with the Security Officer role.

In the event that you forget your Security Officer log in credentials, please notify our Success Team at the email address: support@cibecs.com.
The Success Team will log a case for our Dev team to investigate.
Please note, if there is only one Security Officer user in the tenant, then you will not be able to send a 'Forgot Password' email to reset the login credentials.