Deleting a Device


Administrators might want to delete a device when: 

  • A device was replaced, and the old device is no longer in use.
  • A user has left the organization.
  • As part of general maintenance tasks to clear inactive devices.
  • A device should not have been discovered and has no backups.


Before deleting a device, be aware of the following: 

  • When a device is deleted, all backups done during that timeframe on the device will no longer be available to restore. In other words, there are no snapshots to restore.
  • If the user is still with the organization, make sure that the user does have another device that is completing backups and is successfully protected, before deleting the previous device.
  • Does the new device have all the required data? In other words, has a restore from the old device been done before deleting it?
  • Does the data on the device that is about to be deleted ever need to be restored in the future, even if the user has left the organization? 

How to delete a device

If all the above precautions have been met, a device can be deleted from Endpoint Cloud. 

  • On the Inventory screen, search for and select the device that needs to be deleted.
  • Click on the "Delete device" icon to delete the device.

  • A prompt to type in the word DELETE will be required before you can select Delete. 

The device is now removed from Endpoint Cloud, and the Protection Agent will automatically be uninstalled if the device is still online.