Activating your Active Directory Devices

Endpoint Cloud will only backup and protect devices that have been activated. The data on any device that is not activated is potentially at risk.

When you activate a device, you create a request for that device to be protected and backed up. If the activation request is successful, the device will be protected when the next backup is scheduled (as defined in the Policy settings).


In this article, we explain how to activate your devices. Before you can activate a device, you must have the following in place:

  • A Policy that defines what data is going to be backed up, how often it will be backed up, and what protection settings will be used (see Policies).
  • A Vault that defines the storage area that will be used to store the device's backup data. To learn more about Vaults, see Private Cloud Vaults.
  • A Team. The Policy and Vault should be assigned to the Team. The device you are going to activate should also be assigned to the Team. To learn more, see Teams.

When these settings are in place, you can activate your "at risk" devices.

Activate a Device

To activate an "at risk" device:

  1. Click Inventory.
  2. Click the filter icon above the devices list.
  3. Choose Device Status and select At Risk.
  4. Click Apply.
    The devices list is now filtered so that it only shows those devices that are "at risk".


  5. There are several ways to activate devices.

    To activate a single device, you can click its option button and then click Activate. Or you can select its checkbox and click the Activate icon in pop-up bar at the bottom.


    To activate multiple devices, select the checkboxes of the devices you want to activate. Then click the Activate icon in the pop-up bar at the bottom.


    To activate all devices, click the checkbox next to Device Name in the header of the devices list. This selects all of the devices.  Then click the Activate icon in the pop-up bar at the bottom.


    When you activate a device, its status changes from At Risk to Pending. After a short delay, the device status switches to Active and a green check icon is shown.


    If the device cannot be activated, a red error icon is shown. You will need to investigate why the activation has failed. It may be because the user was not logged on to the device or there was a connection problem.

  6. To find out which devices are protected by Endpoint Cloud, click Protection. The Protection page shows details of the devices that currently have data encrypted and backed up by Endpoint Cloud.