Running the Logshipper Agent

As a Cibecs Admin you may be requested to run the logshipper agent when investigating Discovery agent or Protection agent issues.

The logshipper agent will gather logs from the affected user device and send it to a central location where it can be accessed by the Cibecs support team.

Download the Logshipper Agent

You may download the logshipper agent from this link or send the link to the end user so that he/she may download the agent and run it.

Running the Logshipper Agent

The agent will run silently after execution, but may display status update notifications while it runs. It will run until all log file content has been shipped or for a maximum of 5 minutes.

It will run an executable called filebeats.exe and perform a cleanup once it completed the task.

Logs will be transferred securely via SSL connection to *

What information will be shipped?

Logshipper will ship the following logs:

  • Protection Agent log

  • Discovery Agent log

  • Activation log (this file will tell us if an activation token exists)

Communicate with Cibecs Support

Remember to inform Cibecs Support after you ran the logshipper agent.

Communicate the following information to Cibecs Support:

  • Time of execution

  • User name of the logged-on user that ran the agent