Endpoint Cloud Network Readiness Tool


The Network Readiness Tool allows you to perform the necessary connectivity checks to Endpoint Cloud to ensure a hassle free deployment.

The tool will test the following:

Test Description
Cloud Connectivity Can a HTTP request be made to endpointcloud.com?
DNS Resolution Does the tenant hostname resolve to the correct IP address?
WebSocket Connection Can a WebSocket connection be established with endpointcloud.com?


Java version 1.8 or greater


Download Network Readiness Tool Version 1.0

Using the Network Readiness Tool

  1. Double click the "Ec-Readiness-Tool.exe" file
  2. Enter your tenant name, e.g. customer.endpointcloud.com
  3. Click the "Run Tests" button


 Troubleshooting using the user interface

A successful test will be indicated by a green icon and a failed test by a red icon.

Test Failure Description & Resolution
Cloud Connectivity A failed Cloud Connectivity test may indicate a problem with HTTPS connectivity.  This usually happens when connections to a certain URL are disallowed by either a proxy server or a firewall.
DNS Resolution A failed Name Resolution test indicates a problem with DNS.  Consult your network administrator to troubleshoot DNS related problems on your network.
WebSocket Connection A failed WebSocket Connection test may indicate that connections using the WebSocket protocol might be disallowed by either a proxy server or a firewall.

Troubleshooting using the log file

A log file named "ec-readiness.log" will be generated once you have run the executable.  Consult the log for more information on a failed test.  Additionally, this file may be sent to the Cibecs support team for further analysis.