What information does the Discovery Agent send to Endpoint Cloud?

The following information is securely transferred to Endpoint Cloud by the Discovery Agent.  We've listed some examples of the data that is transferred.

Category Information Example
Discovery Agent
  Device ID 5ce3c6922d1e35000125eb78
Network Configuration
  IP Address
  MAC Address 00-0c-29-13-32-1a
  Name {7C1F9495-BB76-4D45-8AE7-F71B5D34A639}
Operating System Information
  Name Microsoft Windows
  Major version 10
  Minor version 0
  Build 17134
  Bitness 32-bit
  Platform 2
  Product 1
  Server R2 0
  spMajor 0
  spMinor 0
  Suite 256
User Information
  DN CN=Joan Rodgers,OU=Test Users,DC=TECHTEST,DC=LOCAL
  E-mail joanr@techtest.com
  First Name Joan
  Full Name TECHTEST\joanr
  Hostname JOANR-NB
  AD User TRUE
  AD Verified TRUE
  Last Name Rodgers
  OU Test Users
  SID S-1-5-21-1246061516-1904424789-2260341864-1113
  User Name joanr
  Workgroup TECHTEST
Hardware Inventory Information
  BIOS Name / Manufacturer / Serial Number / Version
  CPU Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU   E5503  @ 2.00GHz
  Disks ID / Manufacturer / Model / Capacity / File System
  Motherboard Manufacturer / Model / Serial Number
  Network DHCP / IP / MAC / Subnet
  RAM Capacity / Slot / Type
  Sound Manufacturer / Model
  Video Controller / RAM
  Install Location C:\Program Files\Cibecs\Agent
  Name Cibecs Agent
  Publisher Cibecs
  Type 1
  UninstallString "C:\Program Files\Cibecs\Agent\uninstall.exe\"
  Current State 1
  Display Name Bluetooth Modem Communications Driver
  Current State 4
  Display Name Cibecs Agent Service
  Name Cibecs Agent Service
  Description Install this update to revise the definition files that are used to detect viruses, spyware, and other potentially unwanted software. Once you have installed this item, it cannot be removed.
  Install Date 2019/05/21
  KB KB2267602
  Title Definition Update for Windows Defender Antivirus - KB2267602 (Definition 1.293.2054.0)
File extensions
  Name of extension docx
  Number of extension instances 211
  Size 113MB
  Location C:\Users\joanr\Desktop