How should I deploy the Discovery Agent?

The Discovery Objective

The main objective is to discover all endpoint devices on the company network to ensure IT has visibility over devices, business data and inventory information. If a new device or user joins the network, then it is important that the device is detected automatically so that it can be selected for protection.

Discovery Agent Deployment via GPO

There are many 3rd party software deployment tools available out there, but if you have Active Directory then you already have an active deployment tool in Group Policy Management.

We recommend using the software deployment functionality which is available in Group Policy Management.  Making use of this option will ensure that the Protection Agent is installed whenever a user logs on to a new device on the network.

This method of discovery is ideal for the typical joiner-leaver scenario that happens frequently in growing companies.

How to setup software deployment in a AD Group Policy

Contact if you need more information or assistance with implementing a discovery agent deployment policy.

Alternative Deployment Options

If you have other deployment tools that you make use of on a daily basis, then you are welcome to make use of that. The Discovery Agent is packaged in a standard MSI file format and is remotely deploy-able by most software deployment tools.