Upgrade Endpoint Cloud on-premise components

In this article, we will guide you on how to upgrade your Private Cloud Vault and Protection Agents to the latest version.

Upgrading the Private Cloud Vault on Windows

  1. Download the latest Windows Vault Package from the Vaults page on your Endpoint Cloud.Vault_Software_Download_1.png                                                               
  2. Log on to the server that hosts your vault and stop the Cibecs Vault Service via the Windows services console.Stop_Vault_server_service.gif 
  3. Make a backup of your Vault config folder.  (Copy and paste in a different location.)Copy_config_out.gif 
  4. Run the Cibecs Endpoint Cloud Vault installation file and follow the prompts. The old version will be uninstalled during this process, and the new version will be installed.Install_Vault.png 
  5. Once the installation completes, it will automatically start up the Cibecs Vault Service. Open the Windows services console and stop it manually.Stop_Vault_server_service.gif 
  6. Replace the config folder with the backup made before performing the installation. Overwrite the existing folder/file.Copy_config_in.gif
  7. Start the Cibecs Vault Service via the Windows services console.Start_Vault_server_service.gif 
  8. Check on Endpoint Cloud on the Vault page to see if the vault started up successfully.  It will indicate that the vault is online with a green dot as indicated below.Vault_online.png

Upgrading the Protection Agent

In addition to upgrading your Private Cloud Vault/s, you will also need to upgrade each Protection Agent on your user devices.

  1. Find the latest Protection Agent installation package in the Vault installation folder on the Vault server.Find_Agent_Package.gif
  2. Upgrade the Protection Agent by manually installing the package or by remotely deploying the executable package to all endpoints.  This may be achieved by using a Group Policy or other remote deployment tools. (Contact Cibecs support for more information)
  3. The Protection Agent will start up automatically after upgrade and continue with backup and protection.
  4. Confirm the Protection Agent version from the Protection page on your Endpoint Cloud.Protection_Agent_version.png