Deleting a User

If you want to remove a User from Endpoint Cloud, you need to delete all of that user's devices. When Endpoint Cloud has no devices for a User, it:

  • Deletes that User automatically
  • Removes the license from the User and makes it available for use.

To delete a User's devices (and also the User):

  1. The first step is to find all of the User's devices on a devices list. For this, you can use the devices list on the Inventory page or the Protection page.

    Click Inventory.


    Click Protection.

  2. In the devices list section, click the Search icon.
  3. Enter the User's name in the search box. Endpoint Cloud filters the list so that it only shows that User's devices.
  4. Click the checkbox at the top of the list so that all of the User's devices are selected.
  5. Click the Delete Device icon at the bottom of the devices list.
  6. Enter DELETE in uppercase and then click Delete to confirm.