Users - Overview

When Endpoint Cloud discovers your devices, it automatically creates information about the user accounts and devices. This information is shown on various displays, including the Inventory page, Protection page, and Settings page.

The user accounts and device information is shown as:

  • User - A user represents a Microsoft Windows user profile. During the discovery process, Endpoint Cloud connects with the devices that are set to be protected and retrieves the user profile information. It creates a User for each Windows user profile (typically, this means one user per person).

  • Device Name - Each user has one or more user devices. For example, a user could have a desktop computer and a laptop. Endpoint Cloud uses the Microsoft Windows user profile information to match each device to a specific user.

To find out more about the Users in your Endpoint Cloud, see the Users Page.


Endpoint Cloud licenses are per User. So if you have a desktop and a laptop computer, you can backup and protect them both on one license. You can view the number of licenses you have remaining on the Licensing Page.