Performing a Full Remote Migration

Start a migration from Endpoint Cloud

  1. Navigate to Protection in the Endpoint Cloud
  2. Make use of the search functionality in the device list pane and search for the user that you would like to migrate
  3. The search should result in at least two devices for the user.  The current device and the new device
  4. Click on the target device to open the side-panel
  5. Click on the 3 dots on the bottom right-hand side of the side-panel and select Migrate
  6. Select the device to migrate from in the drop-down menu and proceed
  7. Migration will start and show the progressMigration5.gif


After initiating the migration the admin can continue to monitor the progress from Endpoint Cloud.  The window may be closed while performing other management tasks.

The admin can at any time check in on the progress of the migration, by clicking on any of the devices involved in the migration and opening the event details from the side-panel.

Performing an update migration

Once the initial full remote migration has completed there are a few more steps before handing the target device to the user:

  • In the case where a user was working on the source machine while the migration was running, you may find that some files were locked. This will be visible in the migration event details.
  • It's important that the user close all applications for the duration of the update (subsequent) migration.
  • On Endpoint Cloud you may start another migration. This will migrate any data that was in use by the user at the time of the initial migration run.
  • Once the update migration completed successfully, you may perform a logoff/logon to apply the profile settings to the new device.
  • Ensure that you apply other settings that are not covered by the Full Remote Migration feature.
  • Hand the new device to the user and confirm with them that all has been migrated. 

Event Details

When the Full Remote Migration has completed you will be able to view the results and details of the migration event.  Select the target device on Endpoint Cloud and click on the device name next to Migrated FromMigration_History1.gif

The following information will be displayed:

  • Start and End times
  • Number of files migrated
  • Size of the migration
  • Successful vs Failed files with failure reasons