Full Remote Migration - Overview

Our full remote endpoint migration solution transfers all the user’s data and their profile settings to the new machine, while the user works. Data transfer is completely secure, and you don’t run the risk of losing any user files.

IT staff can manage it remotely, and users can simply start using the new machine with all their settings and files exactly as they were on their old computer.

  • Remotely trigger and monitor multiple migrations from the Cloud
  • Device-to-device migration (without requiring additional Vault Storage)
  • Best network-route discovery
  • Automatically open/close Windows firewall
  • Live migrations (full initial and updates for subsequent)
  • Connection retry-ability
  • Compression and encryption
  • Migrate all data (including business and personal)
  • Shortcut migration to new locations
  • Migrate Cloud Drive locations (not config)
  • Profile Migration
    • Task bar settings, Windows Folder options, Network drives
    • Microsoft Outlook: All email accounts, PST files, Email signature

Let's get started by Preparing for a Full Remote Migration