Install & Register the AD Connector

The Active Directory Connector (AD Connector) is an application that Endpoint Cloud uses to authenticate your user accounts. Your encrypted data is only available to authorised users.

You should install the AD Connector on a domain-joined Windows server that is on your business premises. You also need to register the AD Connector so that it can connect to Endpoint Cloud.


To install and register the AD connector, you will need to log on to your server via a domain administrator user account that has permission to register a service principal name (SPN) for Kerberos connections.

To download, install, and register the AD Connector software:

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Click Active Directory.
  3. Click Download Ad Connector to download the endpointcloud-adconnector executable file. Copy this file to your local server.


  4. Log on to your local server (the server on which the AD Connector will run). You need to log on via a domain admin user account that has permission to register a service principal name (SPN) for Kerberos connections.

    The AD Connector installation will fail if you log on via a user account that does not have permission to register SPNs.

  5. Copy the endpointcloud-adconnector executable file to the server and then run it.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the AD Connector. You can install to any directory (the default location is the C drive).


    When you complete the installation steps, the files begin to extract and install. When the files are installed, the installer asks if you want to register.


  7. Make sure Register Now is checked and then click Next.


  1. Enter the registration details:
    • Domain: The name of your Endpoint tenant. This is often the name of your organization and it is the first part of the address for your Endpoint Cloud.
    • Username: Enter the username of an Endpoint Cloud account that has the Security Officer role. Only Security Officer user accounts have the permission to register a vault.
    • Password: Enter the password for the Endpoint Cloud account.
    • Domain: Enter the name or IP address of the server that has the AD software installed.
    • Alias:Enter the name of the AD Connector as it will appear in Endpoint Cloud. We recommend that you give it a descriptive name that your Endpoint Cloud users will recognise.
  2. Click Register.