Install & Set Up a Private Cloud Vault

To add a new Vault for storage, you first need to download the Vault installer. You can then run it on your server and register it so that it connects to Endpoint Cloud.


To register a vault, you will need to have the email address and password of an Endpoint Cloud user account with the Administrator or Security Officer role.

To download and install the Private Cloud Vault package:

  1. Click Vaults.
  2. Click Download Private Cloud Vault.



    If you do not see this option, select the download icon at the top-right of the Vaults screen instead.


  3. When the Private Cloud Vault package downloads, find it on your computer and copy it to your server.
  4. On the server, install the Private Cloud Vault software. You can install it to the default location or choose another location if you prefer.

    You must choose a location that has a suitable amount of storage space for your data. We usually recommend 20GB per user, but this can vary depending on the type and amount of data your organization uses.

    Follow the steps of the installation wizard. 

    When you have installed the software, make sure Register Now is checked and then click Next.


  5. Enter the registration details:

    • Domain: The name of your Endpoint tenant. This is often the name of your organisation and it is the first part of the address for your Endpoint Cloud.
    • Username: Enter the username of an Endpoint Cloud account that has the Administrator or Security Officer role. Only these user accounts have the permission to register a vault.
    • Password: Enter the password for the Endpoint Cloud account.
    • Hostname/IP: Enter the name or IP address of the server that has the Vault software installed. If the server is on an internet address, enter the URL instead.
    • Port: 9000. (The port should be set to 9000).
    • Alias: Enter the name of the vault as it will appear in Endpoint Cloud.

    Discovery Agents and Protection Agents must be allowed to communicate with the Vault on port 9000.

  6. Click Register.